ПЕРНАР УСРЕД САБОРА ИСПЉУВАО ТУЂМАНОВОГ СИНА: Твој отац је с Милошевићем договарао поделу Босне! (ВИДЕО)

Иван Пернар, контроверзни заступник у Хрватском сабору, на данашњем засједању Сабора поручио је Мирославу Туђману, како је његов отац са Милошевићем договарао подјелу Босне и Херцеговине

Пернар је рекао како су се Милошевић и Туђман више пута састали током ратних сукоба те су том приликом договорили поделу БиХ. Тај договор проузроковао је сукобе ХВО-а и Армије БиХ у којма је страдао велики број Хрвата.

Мирослав Туђман није остао дужан Пернару. Прво га је упозорио да крши Устав и законе а потом је рекао како Пернар лаже.


Извор: Србија Данас

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  1. Sram vas bilo, ne dajete nam ni običan komentar da napišemo, taman počnem da pišem, obavezno se nešto desi i prekinete me. Opet , Sram vas bilo. I da dodam, da vam sajt nikako nije uređen, ne zna se ni početak ni kraj. Najbolji su fakti, najrodoljubiviji sajt, potom Nova s.p.m sa odličnim vlasnikom-A ne znam da li će ovaj komentar i da izađe, jer sam par puta pisala, a ništa nije objavljeno.A kobajagi, srpski ste i ruski orijentisani!

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  7. The only violent death of a black man Obama cared about was that of an American "hood"-lum because he might have looked like his son. Had that victim been ugly he would not even have cared about him either.

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  10. Just home from a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our son and his family, as well as his wife’s parents–as always, an enjoyable time–grandchildren growing so fast! I want to thank you, Susan, for sharing your enthusiasm for life with us all, and all the girlfriends who join in with comments. I’m so glad I found your blog when I did–have been visiting here almost from the beginning. On a sad note, our daughter in Tx. just found that she is going to need more treatment for her breast cancer–such awful news to hear.

  11. Thanks Doug. You are so right about the smells! They are amazing and the bike is the best way to experience them. It adds so much to the experience. As I write I can smell my dinner downstairs, I wonder what i’s going to be tonight? And I agree with you about the coffee, that’s one of the reasons I could give it up when I got home last year… easy to get “not great” coffee in Ireland. But here…. it’s all fantastic. Be well, Mairead

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  13. I saw this on YT after it already had many views, and was awed by it! Kudos to Popintime for the catch! And for the record, I’m planning on being with all my previously deceased loved ones when I die. Even my huge numbers of hamsters I had as a kid! (and my heavenly kitties will be very nice to the heavenly hamsters too!)

  14. je pourrais répond à ce qui précède, mais bon, je ne suis pas de taille, moi misérable vermisseau face à la quintessence de la délicatesse et de l’intelligence….je me retire donc dans ma misérable cagna d’où je n’aurai jamais du sortir puisque les lieux étaient occupés par une si noble personne.

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  16. I do understand what you're saying, Charlie, but I do think fatness is qualitatively different from those other things you mention. It's a controllable thing. Of course with children you can argue with absolute justification that it's down to their parents and in some ways not controllable, so fair enough. But I'm not fat because I'm some kind of victim. I'm fat because I eat too much and I'm hugely greedy. If I know what's good for me, I'll try to take some more exercise and lose it. I don't think that's a negative message!

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  19. I remember this show’s existance, though I avoided it like a plague because I always hated sports. I think the characters did have super powers, or at least were inhumanly strong/skilled. Then again, maybe that was just the impression they tried to give on all the commercials in order to lure in unsuspecting viewers. *shrug*Apparently it was done by DiC, so it’s not canadian.Gotaa love that final pic. 😉

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  22. Confusing… not bad, but I wish for better answers. Was the island worth protecting? What kind of light did they try to protect? Would the world come to an end without the light? I want to know this. Plus, Jacob’s brother was laid to rest, so where did the Smoke Monster come from? I can draw conclusions but still want clearer answers.

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  36. I had no idea this movie was so terrible. I pretty much figured it would fall somewhere close to “Legion,” but a 2/10 is harsh. Maybe I should have seen it, if only for the ripping I could have given it.

  37. Fernanda disse:Oi Sandra querida! Como eu tenho pensado em você estes dias… e de alguma forma, estava aguardando muito por este post. Fico feliz que você e Anne estejam bem, apesar de lamentar muito por toda situação do povo palestino. Desejo muita força para todos, muita união entre aqueles que compartilham ideais e lutam contigo e muita paz, pelo menos internamente, para todos vocês. Um beijo fraterno

  38. I really wanted to go there last week but I had too much homeworks and exams… This week I am thinking about going to Pymont market first then go to the Eveleigh next week… Your pictures make me drool… I can’t decide what to eat there…haha…You will go to Pymont market or Eveleigh market again? lol

  39. Awesome gift idea Angie! I think I might have to make some of these for Handsome Guy. I think it will be fun to make one for each town we've lived in ;-). P.s. I hope you don't mind me sharing this in a favorites from the Link party list.

  40. Timely topic, as I’ve been contemplating what to build at startup weekend in Seattle at Zillow HQ (my old stomping grounds) this coming weekend. The idea I’ve thought most about is a peer to peer marketplace for travel agents/trip planning. I believe, for a trip to Beijing from San Francisco, I’d rather work with someone sitting on the ground in Beijing, who is like minded to me in some way (ie knows the startup & social entrepreneurship space), rather than someone sitting in San Francisco who likely knows jack sh*t about Beijing besides what they heard from their friend or on a travel webinar.

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  43. Oh, Lord…could you imagine? LOL. It’s a good thing I don’t see her that often. Oh, well, this should be a warning to all: when you insult a writer you become material.

  44. That was a funny one.. I laughed… Hope all is well with Abby.. How did everything go the rest of the day? How is her feeding tube? Praying that the Lord gives her relief tonight so you guys can sleep a full night. God Bless,christy

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  63. Gosh, that all looks good enough to eat! Do the noodles and brownies contain eggs? To be honest I was going to pass up on this book thinking that it probably would entail too many substitutes to make it vegan, soy, corn and legume free. There’s a big “never judge a book by it’s cover.” Jenn, everything looks beautiful, as always. You are quite an artist.

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  65. Hi SusanI would love to see what you do with all those decorations. I gave all my decorations away to my three daughters years ago to remind them of their childhood, they each got a new decoration for the tree every year until they left home. So I let my girls do Christmas and I shall be travelling down to Cambridge this year to be with Fleur and her husband and Humphrey their ginger cat who is very talkative, his loud meow sounds just like hello! Enjoy your festivities and happy decorating.

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